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County Courthouse Park


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County Courthouse Park

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View from Courthouse Park in Port Townsend

Facility Information

1820 Jefferson St
Port Townsend, WA 98368

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Facility Details
Jefferson County Parks are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. 

Port Townsend. Take Sims Way east into Port Townsend. Just after stop light on Kearney Street bare left up the hill on Washington Street. Park is at top of hill on left, in front of the courthouse.

Pickleball courts, Basketball court, garbage service. Open grass area for dog walking, play, picnics. Incredible views of the historic courthouse.

Pickleball Court Schedule
There are two schedules for using the courts. In Open Play, waiting players rotate in and out of games with others A mix of skill levels is expected, and everyone is welcomed.
First Come, First Served is a simple use of the courts with a one hour time limit.

Open Play
Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
During Open Play times, if both courts are full, or if one court is full and there are fewer than four players waiting to play, those waiting should follow this procedure:
  •  Place your paddle in the paddle board from left to right in the order that you arrived.
  • When a game is finished, rotate in as described below:
    • If only one player is waiting, two winners remain on the court but split up for the next game.
    • If 2-6 players are waiting – 2 go in, 2 come out. Winners remain on the court but split up.
    • When there are two or more players waiting, no one may play more than 2 games in a row. Those players go out and are replaced with those next in line.
    • If 7 or more players are waiting - 4 go in, 4 come out.
If a situation arises that doesn’t seem covered by these procedures, please deal with it in the spirit of equalizing playing time. Thank you for sharing.

First Come, First Served
Monday – Friday from 1 p.m. to sunset, and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • First come first served, if there is an empty court, take it.
  • One hour time limit. If others are waiting, then the maximum time anyone may use a court is one hour.
  • No reservations are allowed, you must be present to hold your place in line for the next court. If you leave you will lose your place in line.
All Day:   First Come, First Served

8AM - 1 PM:  Open Play
1PM - Sunset:  First Come, First Served

8AM - 1 PM:  Open Play
1PM - Sunset:  First Come, First Served

8AM - 1 PM:  Open Play
1PM - Sunset:  First Come, First Served

8AM - 1 PM:  Open Play
1PM - Sunset:  First Come, First Served

8AM - 1 PM:  Open Play
1PM - Sunset:  First Come, First Served

All Day:   First Come, First Served

Adopt-A-Park Program
Courthouse Park is one of our most loved and photographed parks. Popular with pickleball players, basketball players, people photographing the courthouse, dog walkers, and picnic goers. This park is in one of the most beautiful locations in Port Townsend.

No Alcohol in Courthouse Park
“In the State of Washington it is illegal to open or consume alcoholic beverages in a public place" (see Title 66.44.100 of the RCW). This law applies in all Jefferson County parks, campgrounds, and recreation facilities. Exceptions to this law can be granted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (see Title 314 of the WAC) in the form of a banquet permit or a special occasion license for example. All proposals to serve alcohol at an event in a Jefferson County Park are subject to approval by Jefferson County. For more information please contact Matt Tyler at 360-385-9129 or

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