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Trailhead Park, Cape George Rd


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Trailhead Park, Cape George Rd

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Larry Scott Trail Near Cape George Road

Facility Information

Cape George and Crutcher Rd
Unicorporated, WA 98368

Trailhead Park is Jefferson County Parks and Recreation's newest addition. It is a partnership with the Jefferson County Roads Division. The park is 40 acres.  It features great views, a single track trail and side trails for bikes, horses, and hikers. It also features the Larry Scott Trail Parking lot. Toilet. Water. Great destination for the whole family.

Located on the South Side of Cape George Road about one mile West of Discovery Road near Port Townsend, Washington. It is approximately 4 miles from the start of the Larry Scott Trail. A great place to park, ride into Port Townsend, and ride back.

Metal Detecting
Metal detecting is allowed in the following Jefferson County Parks with a permit: 
  • Cape George Trailhead Park
  • Gibbs Lake Park 
  • Chimacum Park
  • Lake Leland Park and Campground 
  • Quilcene Park and Campground
If you are interested in metal detecting, sign up for an account if you don't already have one and fill out the Metal Detecting Permit. This free permit lasts for 1 year and is saved to your account. 

Metal Detecting Permit