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HJ Carroll Park - Rotary, Salmon, and Grass Ellipse Combined for large event


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HJ Carroll Park
Wild Olympic Salmon Shelter
Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Basketball Courts
Rotary Pavilion
Concession Stand
HJCP Field 1 - Full Size 170' x 336'
HJCP Field 2 - Mid Size 140' x 220'
HJCP Field 3 - Mod Size 110' x 165'
HJ Carroll General Use, No Specific Amenity
Rotary, Salmon, and Grass Ellipse Combined for large event

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Facility Area Information

9884 SR Hwy 19 (Rhody Drive)
Chimacum, WA 98325
Phone: (360) 385-9160

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By renting the Salmon Shelter, the Grass Ellipse, and the Rotary Pavilion together, large events can have exclusive access to these areas. This facility area can accommodate a wedding, family reunion, or corporate gathering with a variety of spaces for different activities.

Both the Salmon Shelter and the Rotary Pavilion must be available to use this rental option.

Click on Availability Chart above to see the availability schedule.
For assistance determining availability please call our office at 360-385-9160.

Fee Schedule
Please leave 1 hour between events as a buffer. 
This ensures there is no overlap and provides a smooth event for both parties. 
Click the View Availability button above to reveal the calendar.

                                       2024 Rotary, Salmon, and Grass Ellipse Combined Reservation Fees
    4 Hours 8 hours  
     $509  $764  

Cancellation Policy
A 100% refund will be made for facility use reservations cancellations made 30 days or more before the date of reservation. A 50% refund will be made for cancellations made between 29 and 15 days before the reservation. No refund will be given for cancellations made 14 days or less from the first day of the facility reservation.